First Post Ever!

Hello Folks so this is my first post, or at least first serious post.

ADD attention def.... what?
ADD attention def…. what?

My reason for trying out blogging for serious is quite simple. I’ve attempted for quite a while, to be creative and to share my ideas around the interwebs, in the forms of videos as an Youtuber. I’ve guess you can call me a failed youtuber, though I think I’ve offered good production value, one important thing I lack is the discipline to get out there and get things done, “I blame it on my ADD”( partly)( attention deficit disorder).

Producing videos is hard, in pretty much the same way that in writing, we first do a sketch, simple layout of what you want to show about, and that develops as you go writing about it, But video additionally have the time consuming preparing of the environment, yourself, camera and etc; and later even more time consuming post production, but also enjoyable, the editing of the video and finishing details.

As all of these steps are reasonably easy and worthwhile, its hard to get it started, specially for someone like me. It’s not that we’re lazy, but simply that we fail to execute that initial effort that is to schedule a time, stop yourself from doing anything else and start doing it. This is of course the easiest thing for normal people but is the thing that ADDiers most struggle with. For us things get started in a more natural way, almost like osmosis, it just starts. That’s why it’s so important to try and clear out distractions.

Now, I’ve found myself very fond of writing, constantly writing in forums, mostly about linux and games, and this is the main reason why I’m trying on serious blogging now.
I am literally in my undies right now, its seriously hot here in Brazil( summertime), so jumping right in into writing is definitely one reason that makes it easier for me. Plus, I’m sure I’m not going to be all that creative and prolific all the time, but it is something easier to just jump into it and get it kick started.
This is something I think WordPress is going to help me with, I’ve found an  interesting WP feature that e-mails you every week or so to remind you to post something. Really neat, annoying to think I need something like that, but I’m sure it will help.

I’m sure I got a lot to share and write about, so many thanks if you took your time to read through my ramblings.
Amongst things I’ll be writing about you can expect, linux and open software, zen buddhism and life choices, airplanes and engineering, green thumb stuff, and sure some stuff about ADD.
Many thanks and cheers!

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