Which is better, Mac or PC?

Mac vs PCHey folks, Gfurst here, so which is better? “Mac or PC” is a debate for the eons, and I’m going to delve right into it by saying it’s a completely invalid comparison.
What people continually argue about, is actually which company is better, Microsoft or Apple, which something stupid to start with. It’s not like these companies don’t have the power to defend themselves. Each have strengths and weaknesses, business strategies of their own.
Kind of comparing apples and oranges( wait, is Microsoft an orange?).

So what is PC?

Solar Calculator

Comparing “Mac or PC” is completely invalid. This is simply because of what PC means, and most people don’t seem to know this, but it means Personal Computer, thus any kind computing device used on the personal level.
Making this solar scientific calculator, the best PC out there yet. Well “best” is a long shot, but I would say the best performance. It does calculate complex functions on a wide range of float numbers, all within seconds. It weights a few grams and doesn’t even require a power source( besides light).

Please understand what I’m trying to say here, the calculator does exactly what its supposed to do, take it into the excerpt below taken from Wikipedia:

The word performance in computer performance means the same thing that performance means in other contexts, that is, it means “How well is the computer doing the work it is supposed to do?”1

Galaxy PocketAnother good example would be comparing my little hand-held Galaxy Pocket device.
This is my current cellphone, it also does calculations, there are a variety of different apps to do all kind of stuff, browsing the web, connecting remotely to other computers, listen to music and watch videos, even on-line. Its battery lasts up to five days.
And best of all, it is even able to make phone calls( hey, there’s chance some people don’t know about that).
So this little device has an amazing data processing capabilities, contrary to the calculator, its a very versatile device. Able to do lot of different stuff at the same time.

Fun fact:

Your cell phone has more computing power than the computers used during the Apollo era.²

Comparing Personal Computers

Now that we’ve established that any Mac is also a PC, we can start comparing it with other PCs.

Apple iMacMac is the computer hardware produced by Apple, nowadays called iMac, which basically means intel Mac, used after the transition of Apple’s own processor architecture to commonly used 64-bit architecture.

Apple’s strategy is to have a streamline design to PC, all of its products( since the dawn of age) are all-in-one type of  computer. They’ve switched on using high quality materials, featuring iMacs with Aluminum structure, some kind of plexiglass  that’s very durable and hard to break³.
This is my favorite Apple thing by far, its computer designs are awesome, neatly integrated, powerful and silent. Their components are the same found in regular computers, and usually overpriced, but no one has put them together like Apple does.

So, we can’t actually compare Apple and all the other PCs, again it’s an invalid comparison.
What we can do is compare Apple PC design to other PC manufacturing companies, such as Dell or ASUS. I won’t get into it because I don’t even know how they’ve come along lately. One thing I can tell though, other companies have come a long way on PC design, lot of new all-in-one PCs( it’s basically a big laptop, how hard is that?), and my new favorite,  kinds of mini super small PCs.

Operating Systems

Now lets compare actual OSes, that is Windows and OS X( Microsoft and Apple respectively).
Well, short answer: both suck.

A microcomputer designed for individual use, as by a person in an office or at home or school, for such applications as word processing, data management, financial analysis, or computer games. Abbreviation:  PC

One thing that gets pissed off every time I hear, is someone or something presenting PC when they’ve meant Windows. PC is the personal computer hardware, Windows is the commonly used operational system.

TuxMicrosoft Windows™ sucks, though I haven’t used it in years, the previous iteration, Windows 7 seemed ok, eye candy, versatile and stable. The last version, Windows 8, well, looks like a heavy tablet, lets just leave it at that.
OS X is built upon UNIX, similarly, it shares a lot of stuff the linux system structure, it’s very stable and easy to use( Apple’s main selling point). However, it will be difficult if you want to stray a bit from what Apple’s designed for you, that goes from software to any kind of external design, OS X will work wonderfully with any Apple device and horribly with anything not-Apple device. Also, everything is accompanied by a heft price tag.

That leaves Linux, good’ol Linux. What can I say, it’s completely free and open source( you can read and alter the code to your liking), tries to be compatible with anything the world can offer. It’s totally customizable and super safe and reliable. We have yet to see any kind of virus that affects linux users…

Wrap it up already!

I will write another post explaining why I moved out of OSX to Linux, as this post is long enough already.
For now, a big thanks if took your time to read through all of this, and do tell how did you like it( or not like it). Cheers, see ya next time.

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6 thoughts on “Which is better, Mac or PC?”

  1. Thanx for your perspective. I have been a dyed-in-the-wool Mac user since ’88. However, in the last year, I have two events which I never would have believed had it not happened to me. My son’s iMac (’09) died in 2013 and there was no way to fix it and no way to retrieve data. My iMac (’10) just died (2014). I still have my G4 tower running fine after 12 years but can’t do much with it that isn’t nostalgic. Apple is no longer Apple Computer, just Apple. A hefty price for a four year run doesn’t work for me. I never liked OS X the way I liked the personalisable ambiance of OS 9 (and earlier). I’ve had an Intel platform running XP (and Linux) and use XP and Win7 at work but I absolutely detest Windows and Microsoft and want no truck with Win8. So I think I will be going to a build-it-yourself gaming performance platform running Linux and WINE, so I can have a stable OS with the ability to run WIndows like I had on my iMac before it died. Maybe my experience is an anomaly, but losing 2 computers in a year suggests something more.

  2. Nice article . But I find this comparison irrelevant as I use all three major OSes ( OS X , Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu ) on my Macbook pro with retina display

  3. PC’s (as in the IBM standard) are still better then Macs though.
    My biggest issue with Mac is that most of them if not all of them cannot be modded like a regular desktop PC can.
    The OS in this case is irrelevant, it doesnt matter if the Mac or PC is running OSX, windows, linux, BSD whatever its the hardware is where it counts and its what you can do with that hardware is also where it counts.
    A standard non all in one desktop PC will always be better, if I want to change the graphics card I can, if I want change the memory I can, if I want to change the processor or the motherboard I can.
    A Mac will never offer that kind of modular type of computers unless you get one of those overpriced $4000 (thats without Tax) Mac Pros and even they dont come all that modular these days its just a giant overpriced trash can with overpriced computer parts inside and its not even meant for homes its meant for servers.
    Now as for laptops and all in ones the above argument is mostly muted, but I would still buy an all in one desktop from say HP or Dell then one from Apple, key thing that Macs are just too overpriced to be considered.
    I can get a brand new HP laptop for under $400, for the cheapest Mac laptop thats a $1000 price tag.
    Sure quality wise HP is no Apple but its still a laptop.

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