Hello folks, how are ya?
I’m quite busy lately, no inspiration to write some of those more elaborate articles. So I’m with just checking in, sharing one video of mine that I’m very fond of.
This video, is of me on my flying course, doing a required 150 NM travel, from Belo Horizonte to Furnas, which is a huge water lake created by a Dam, I’ve landed on a private Hotel on the shore of the lake, very friendly to Pilots, and the sights are amazingly beautiful.

The landings weren’t the best, and the camera and images didn’t turn out so great, but reviewing it gives me great joy every time. The soundtrack used is also awesome, made by my cousin’s  friend, is very meaningful and emotional to me.
Taking back to the memory of just floating around amongst the clouds, is just a amazing feeling. Flying for me is sort of a Zen experience, where all the inside noises are shut down and I’m completely aware of the present.

The song is very meaningful, and has that cultural feeling and depth of Minas Gerais, this region of Brazil. The chorus can be loosely translated:

Its your belief that says, whats your place in the world
Take on the sun’s hand and have faith, to find you place in the world

Again, getting too emotional just singing it.
The lading always drifted a little bit to the left and could definitely improve. The instructor was the best, really friendly and chill guy.
I want to do this trip one more time, record it again with a proper camera and better skills.

Well, I’m just rambling now, tell me what you think of it.
Hope you all have (or will find) something to do that gives you great joy. Cheers

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  1. For some reason, I can’t get the video’s thumb image to show up instead of that black youtube player.

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