Hello Hypothetical Reader

minecraft-04-11Hello there hypothetical readers, this is really just a quickie update on my whereabouts.
I’m calling out for my readers out there, hypothetically speaking, I’ve noticed some people subscribing to this blog, on the off chance, people are still finding this blog, even without any kind of quality  content (yet).
That’s why from now on, I’ll be calling you “hypothetical readers”.
This is also a shout out for you to get involved, leave some comments, I want to get to know you and know what you think.

Pretty busy lately, down at the Outback restaurant, and the remaining of the time being too tired and lazy, so I spend it with easy stuff, like watching series and movies, playing Minecraft, and some loving time with my girlfriend.
As it happens, procrastination takes up most of my free time, leaving almost no time to do stuff that actually needs doing. Like buying house supplies, paying bills, following up on my Pilot’s license, and the least important, tinkering up good articles for this blog.
I’ve also rediscovered Minecraft, spending good amounts of time on its survival gameplay, already made some fun stuff with it. I sure will share some images and stories here, Minecraft is an awesome game, first of its kind, To bad I don’t have too much time play it right now.

Well let’s sum it up already, please do let me know what you think about it, how do you deal with procrastination and go on doing stuff that actually matters?


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