Why I’ve switched to Linux

Hello Hypothetical readers!
In today’s worldTux of personal computing, Windows 8 taking its share, the new OS X Maverick made free for all Apple users, next generation computers and mobile devices. I’ve decided to go with Linux, specifically the Debian OS.

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Nana (ナナ) (anime)

Nana_anime_1Hello hypothetical readers, here I come to bring you this awesome josei, coming-of-age, slice-of-life, romance, angst, music, anime!
Nana, is a manga originally written by Ai Yazawa, made into anime around 2006, about two girls named Nana, who meet in a train on their way to Tokyo.
For most people unknown to anime, Nana fits into a less conventional category, Josei, which means a certain demography that is adult female.

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