Nana (ナナ) (anime)

Nana_anime_1Hello hypothetical readers, here I come to bring you this awesome josei, coming-of-age, slice-of-life, romance, angst, music, anime!
Nana, is a manga originally written by Ai Yazawa, made into anime around 2006, about two girls named Nana, who meet in a train on their way to Tokyo.
For most people unknown to anime, Nana fits into a less conventional category, Josei, which means a certain demography that is adult female.

The Anime.

One day Komatsu Nana (“Hachi”) decides to go to Tokyo where she wants to start a new life with her boyfriend Shoji. There are only a few seats free on the train and thus she decides to sit next to a girl whose name is Osaki Nana. As a vocalist Nana aims for a debut in Tokyo with her punk band “Blast” to become professional musicians. Her boyfriend Ren already made it as a guitarist for the famous “Trapnest” there. After arriving in Tokyo their ways part – or so it seems. When searching for a flat to live in, they meet again and eventually decide to share it together. This strengthens their bond and together the Nanas go through their love lives and career in Tokyo.1

I liked it!

“Hey Nana, do you remember when we first met?”, that’s one phrase  I shall not forget, the anime starts off with both Nana meeting for the first time in the train.
It will show their lives before, and why are they now moving to the big city of Tokyo, then their involvements, friendships and relationships, and of course, dealing with life.

Overall the anime is great, at some points I really couldn’t stop watching, ended up loosing some nights of sleep right there. Humorous and light hearted moments are all around, and I’m a complete sucker to them. There are of course, some very heart tightening moments (being a girl’s anime). I f you’re a man, I’d recommend watching this at home with no one else in sight (then you won’t be afraid to shed some tears).

Another plus, is that they actually got real artists to make the songs, mostly openings and endings, performed by  Anna Tsuchiya2 and Olivia Lufkin3, each presenting as a different band in the anime…. and they’re freaking awesome. Anna Tsuchiya specially, I felt like she could be the actual character.

There’s nothing much more I could say without spoiling it. Well the ending, being a 47 episode, it kinda sits in between too long or too short, I didn’t like it, but that was mostly because I expected and wanted more, and things really went down fast there in the end.
Also the actual manga was left without end because the writer Ai Yazawa stopped writing after some health issues4. Either way, most of the story is already there and presented, overall pretty good anime, a definite must watch.

Where to Download?

There are three main downloads I can think of:

  • First is the bakabt download, good quality and is dual audio, good option to those who prefer english dubbed versions.
  • The other is two part DVD rip by Jinsei with styled subtitles, I haven’t seem this but looks pretty good too. Get them here.
  • The third is a KAT torrent, which has a very reduced episode size, dual audio and average quality, also a good option with a third of the bytes.

That’s It!

Thanks for reading, share it if you liked.
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