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Kerbal Space Program #0 Introduction

ksp logoSo i wanted to get a series of post, storytelling my voyages through my current game, and maybe share some useful information, lets get to it.
This is the introduction post, I’ll be describing the mods I chose to use, with links to the respective forum pages. This is a pretty good selection of what I thought would enhance the game.

I tried to think of my own name for the space program, came up with KSA ( Kerbal Space Agency), KEA (Kerbal Exploration Agency), KST (Kerbal Star Trekking). Well, none of them seemed better than KSP, so I’ll stick with it. Made my own custom flag too, pretty much similar to what came with the game but worse looking :(, well at least its homemade. (spent 4 hours doing the flag :'( )

I’ll separate the add-ons into categories that make sense, included with a short description. To installs add-ons check here.

API, interface and compatibility

  • blizzy78’s Toolbar: a must have, simple and customizable toolbar that many other mods use.

  • Add-on Version Checker: one add-on to check compatibility between version and if there are updates.

  • Module Manager: allows for modular patching of parts and files, don’t quite understand it, but a lot of other mods need it too.

  • Active Texture Management: add-on that keeps on the background making sure KSP isn’t overloading the system.

Environment and Immersion

  • Kerbal Construction Time: rockets takes time to build, the whole thing now has much more chronological sense.

  • Chatterer: adds background chats and beeps to your mission, cool to break the silence and give immersion.

  • Final Frontier: achievements for single Kerbals on what they done, missions and records.

  • Fine Print: better custom missions for career mode, missions like place satellite, build space-station.

  • Raster Prop Monitor: changes cockpits in a way that makes Intra Vehicular Activity (IVA) useful.

  • Vessel View: cool little mod that adds a custom screen with useful information, mostly used with the above.

  • Improved Chase Camera: well, it just improves the chase camera to move relative to the motion vector.

Purely graphical

Gamplay changes

  • Ferram Aerospace Research: adds realistic aerodynamics to the game, being a pilot myself, this enhances my gaming enjoyment a lot.

  • Dang It: add custom failures that may be recoverable or not, seem cool but may need balancing, still testing.

  • Deadly Reentry: creates heat from atmospheric re-entry, no more just shooting up spaceships into the atmosphere.

  • Remote Tech: makes a connection between the space center and probe required to issue commands, makes antennas actually useful.

  • SCAN Sat: create satellites to scan and map planets, maps are useful and worth scientific data.

  • TAC Life Support: Kerbals require resources to survive, no more endless interplanetary trips.


  • Engineer Redux: a definitely must-have, presents useful information when building spacecrafts, like weight, thrust and delta-v.

  • Editor Extensions: better interface for VAB and SPH screens, helps building spaceships a lot.

  • Kerbal Alarm Clock: can set any kinds of alarms, for you need to pay attention to certain ship, or pay attention to RL.

  • Alternate Resource Panel: better looking and more informative resource panel.

  • MechJeb: adds a whole of helpful stuff on missions, I barely use it anymore though, only currently using it o keep my attitude on airplanes.

  • Precise Node: allows fine node operation, definitely a must have, mechjeb also has one similar.

  • Nav Utilities: adds a avionics instrument landing system to help on landing, integrated with Raster Prop monitor.

Spaceship design

  • Procedural Parts: allows for parts of custom sizes

  • Procedural Fairings: allows for custom fairing for shielding payload or other components, very important if using better aerodynamics.

  • Procedural wings: just start using this, and seems very good on enhancing space plane building, no more a lot of overlapping wings on top of each other.

  • S6 Service: service compartment tubes, just some tubes you can put stuff inside instead of crawling all outside surfaces.

That’s it, listing these here was pretty long job. So I’ll hope some of you hypothetical viewers do see this and show some love by commenting or sharing it.
Hope you find the list useful too, what mod do you use and recommend?
Keep tuned for the following mission log to come. Cheers

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