KSP #1 – Taking off

ksp logoSo its time to take off with our Kerbal Space Program, with the set of mods listed on the previous post, this will be a log of missions starting of with career mode.
Please note though that, since I’m quite ahead on this game, I’m having to go back in memory lane to figure it all out. Luckily, I have dated saves that I can use to drawn back, also the Final Frontier mod, logs all actions taken by manned crew.

All the following dates are given in Kerbin Standart Time( KST).
With the mod ‘kerbal construction time’, spaceships takes time to build, time to clean the launch-pad, and time for research to develop, giving a true sense of time progression.

Artemis Iartemis 1

The first series of manned missions the Program is taking, codenamed Artemis, after the greek goddess of chastity and virginity, meaning our first steps on this out-of-world experience.
The first of these ships, is quite the simplest ship we could make, a Mk1 command module, solid fuel rocket booster and a parachute to slow down its descent over the sea to the East.

  • Y1 D39 H5
    The first ever space rocket is built, with commander Jebediah Kerman, this was only to test out engineers capabilities to build a rocket. Test the capsule, see if the hatch works, Jebediah EVA and walks out the launchpad to inspect and stuff. Quite a simple mission actually.artemis 1

  • Y1 D48 H2
    This is the real deal, sitting up on the launchpad Atermis I with commander Jebediah K., at a quiet Kerbin afternoon. The small space ship is ready to launch, with little more than 4 tonnes of mass, at a 60k Newtons of thrust, the vessel will shoot at the atmosphere with a estimated 1600 m/s of delta velocity.
    artemis 1And launch! The small vessel shoots up successfully escaping the Kerbin atmosphere, reaching a maximum altitude of around 120km. Jebediah carefully reaches out the hatch and becomes the first kerbin in space. The vessel quickly descent into the atmosphere just a fast as it ascended, but the parachute was enough to slow it down to a safe splash down over the ocean.

Artemis IIArtemis II

A slightly more powerful rocket, now with new technology of liquid engine, equipped with decouple modules, to detach the launch booster at a high stage in the atmosphere. Also, We begin advancing in science experiments with high tech Goo containers.

  • Y1 D62 H4
    Jebediah is once again the commander of this new vessel, as only he, withstand the courage for this doubtful  rocket.
    Launching up with a 2.12 thrust to weight ratio, this rocket shoots up into the atmosphere breaking its terminal speed, reaching about six-G forces. The rocket’s liquid engine helps the vessel go further in horizontal distance, also reaching about 110 km high, allowing for extra-vehicular activities and science gathering.

Artemis IIIArtemis 3

Very similar to the previous model, this one is smaller but more efficient. Testing out the LV-909 liquid engine, which has higher specific impulse in vacuum, being the choice in engines while out of atmosphere. The solid fuel booster also had had astounding 220kN of thrust to this small 8ton craft, shooting up with a TWR of 2.8.

  • Y1 D68 H1
    Jebediah is still the only commander that dares being part of these ballistic missiles, the vessel shoots up into the air quickly breaking the sound barrier, the vessel reaches a astounding mach 4 velocity very close to leaving the atmosphere, its a step closer to reaching the required velocity for a successful orbit.

Artemis IVArtemis 4

This fourth model, still in shape of a ballistic missile. Design out the research gathered by the previous vessels, this 11.2 tonne vessel should be able to achieve a low orbit around Kerbin. The launch booster propels the ship with 250kN of thrust for 46s, shooting the vessel into the atmosphere very close to its terminal velocity, its just enough to get the vessel 60-70 km high where the efficient liquid engine kicks in to get to orbital velocity. The vessel also has an additional science experimental module, the SC-9001.

  • Y1 D75 H2
    Again with our courageous commander Jebediah K. This is the time for the Artemis IV launch. With aartemis 4 combined delta velocity of 3000, the vessel reaches orbit closely at 70 km altitude. A record is set, science is being done, and Jebediah goes out for some rewarding space walks.


Wrapping it up

Additionally there were three other launches to fulfill test order by contracts,str-1-09 Bill and Bob Kerman also had their taste. They felt ready after Jebediah took the amazing risk and still came back alive.
You can tell how progressive this game is being, first launch took a lot, but I soon upgraded the VAB facility to be able to quickly build up large rockets and even two at the same time.
Nextstr-1-08 post I’ll still be catching up on the current game, presenting the unmanned program, which quickly advanced the whole program in terms of smaller , more reliable and efficient launches, more useful data in science experiments, and finally, a useful satellite communications network.

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