Last Year’s news…

Today is Someday

Hello Hypothetical readers, Long time no see.
Sorry for the long silence and never fulfilled promises of writing posts, I guess my ADD caught up with me.

Yesteryear I was full of deadlines on works and stuff to study as my school semester was coming to an end, and I’m glad to say I’ve passed all of the courses. Not that it was all that hard stuff, but mostly boring not exciting study, that comes hard for me to study.

After that, came christmas and Steam holiday sale. I was never one to spend to much on games and rather pirated everything, but on this holiday I got around expending a hundred brazillian bucks.

Many good deals indeed, many games that have been on my wish-list forever. Even got a couple of copies of Awesomenauts to share and play with friends.

Apart from gaming, I’ve also got the time to expend with some old acquaintances, visit the whole family, and eat a lot too.
Which is not as good if you’re on the south hemisphere of the globe, its incredible hot this time of year, and surprisingly not as rainy.

One cool new habit I’m developing, is to take some time to ride on my bicycle, one of my favorites ways of transportation and sport, not to mention its a counter measure to all this time I spent playing sitting down.

So many new exciting things to discuss, lots of new games and movies to review. Not to mention Kerbal Space Program which just made Beta, of course with all those new changes I should probably start off a new career and a new approach on the story telling.

All in all, I wish you a happy new year and may we have the perseverance and willfulness to stay on our paths and reach our dreams.

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One thought on “Last Year’s news…”

  1. Hello!
    I also like to ride a bike, but these days I’m out of time.
    Happy New Year!!

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