BBC South Pacific

South.PacificHello Hypothetical readers, I’d like to share with you my first re-encode release.
This is an great documentary series, about the South Pacific and its many islands, seas, wild-life, native-life, and awesome features. I want to keep this series in HD quality, but the size was overtaking too much, so I’ve decided to take on the newer x265 format, achieving really smaller file sizes while keeping its amazing high quality.

    ===________ _____                      __ ===  
    ==/  _____// ____\_ _________  _______/  | ==  
    =/   \  __\   __\  |  \_  __ \/  ___/\   __\=  
    =\    \_\  \  | |  |  /|  | \/\___ \  |  |  =  
    ==\______  /__| |____/ |__|  /____  > |__| ==  
    ===      \/                       \/      ===

=== BBC South Pacific ===

Documentary series looking at the South Pacific.
Six episodes:

  1. Ocean of Islands
  2. Castaways
  3. Endless Blue
  4. Ocean of Volcanoes
  5. Strange Islands
  6. Fragile Paradise


== Screen-shots ==

South Pacific shots 01 Gfurst South Pacific shots 02 Gfurst South Pacific shots 03 Gfurst

South Pacific shots 04 Gfurst South Pacific shots 05 Gfurst South Pacific shots 06 Gfurst

South Pacific shots 07 Gfurst South Pacific shots 08 Gfurst South Pacific shots 09 Gfurst

South Pacific shots 10 Gfurst South Pacific shots 11 Gfurst South Pacific shots 12 Gfurst

South Pacific shots 13 Gfurst South Pacific shots 14 Gfurst South Pacific shots 15 Gfurst

South Pacific shots 16 Gfurst South Pacific shots 17 Gfurst South Pacific shots 18 Gfurst

== Uploader notes ==

Gfurst: This is a wonderful series about the Pacific Ocean and its many Islands.
Very informative, but its main strength is the amount of wonderful HD scenes captured of this lost paradise.
Since there were no good releases combining high quality with lower file sizes, I’ve decided to make my own re-encode based on a BluRay release.
The original had a file size of 2.6GB, I’ve decided to try out the new x265 encoder, it took much longer than normal encodes but resulted in a file size averaging 800~900MB with no noticeable loss in quality.

Original torrent hash: ECEEA799FA49C98F6164374D37F62E6DCC692C70

== Technical Info ==

Encode made in linux, with Handbrake v0.10.0, settings:
Matroska mkv format

video stream:
x265 encoder (HEVC) with basic settings on medium preset
auto level, main10 profile (10-bit depth)
Quality rate factor of 22
Framerate of 25 (same as source)

audio stream:
mp3 encoder, mixed down from 5.1 channels to stereo
Quality VBR of 2 (high quality)
48kHz same as source

Embedded english subtitle


Since the x265 format is newer and more modern form of compression, it will require and up-to-date software for playback, and may be demanding on hardware.
Most embedded playback devices (TVs, theaters, smartphones) probably won’t be able to play these videos, though we’re hoping compatible devices will come out in 2015.

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One thought on “BBC South Pacific”

  1. Hey guys, just to alert here:
    Use the torrent file, as the the magnet link doesn’t carry any trackers.
    Let me know if you’re trying to download and there is no seeds.
    I got lot of uploads in the queue and limited bandwidth, so may it may take a while.

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