To Love-Ru: Trouble

Hello Hypothetical readers, here is another release, this time I had nothing to do with encoding and whatever, this is just one of my favourites animes ever, and I thought to share so more people can enjoy it. My complete review will be arriving at a later date. Enjoy :)

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Sin City (2005) (Recut Extended)

Hello Hypothetical viewers, my previous release was a success, though not very shared, which is to expect from a documentary. Anyway I wanted to keep a good version of this movie as well and didn’t find a good enough version. So I thought to make yet another release. Enjoy & Seed!

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BBC South Pacific

South.PacificHello Hypothetical readers, I’d like to share with you my first re-encode release.
This is an great documentary series, about the South Pacific and its many islands, seas, wild-life, native-life, and awesome features. I want to keep this series in HD quality, but the size was overtaking too much, so I’ve decided to take on the newer x265 format, achieving really smaller file sizes while keeping its amazing high quality.

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Last Year’s news…

Today is Someday

Hello Hypothetical readers, Long time no see.
Sorry for the long silence and never fulfilled promises of writing posts, I guess my ADD caught up with me.

Yesteryear I was full of deadlines on works and stuff to study as my school semester was coming to an end, and I’m glad to say I’ve passed all of the courses. Not that it was all that hard stuff, but mostly boring not exciting study, that comes hard for me to study.

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True Royalty Free Music – The Music of Kevin Macleod

Hey Hypothetical Viewers, during the makes of my last video I had to inquire about the in-game soundtrack on KSP. Don’t know if you noticed but they’re mostly sped up, ye, I’ll be turning music off on my next recording.
Anyway, on this quest I’ve found about Kevin Macleod, composer for most songs (if not all) on KSP. And turns out This dude achieved an amazing goal, by composing hundreds of songs and making them all royalty-free1.

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