Get Banished working on Linux

sanp-banished-1 Hey there folks, I’ve finally got some time to show how to get this amazing village-building, sand-box strategy game, called Banished, working on Linux through wine( windows binary layer).As a quick start bonus I’ll share a screen cap of the game working with my awesome KDE system as canvas.
And just so you know, the game itself works alright, I’ve had only a few crashes. The only remaining issue is that sound is usually garbled, more info on this below.
So lets get to it, I’ll try to write very comprehensive steps, if anything is unclear, do leave a comment below. Continue reading Get Banished working on Linux

Busy week!

Hi folks and hypothetical readers.
This is really just small reminder to write, proof that the WordPress weekly reminder works.

Outback Bar

So really, I wanted to go and write something more useful and meaningful, but it just happens that this previous and following weeks are busy ones.
Mostly due to my new job as a Outback waiter, which started last month as training but now is just really kicking in to earn something. Though I like this kind of job, it sure is hard work, over hours to get stuff done, running around all the time, six hours with no seating at all, late nights. And specially this week is work all around with only one day off. But I think it will be worth it, all in one,  it’s really good to hear a satisfied costumer. Continue reading Busy week!