Play Fallout: New Vegas on Linux!

Please Stand By Hello Hypothetical readers, how are ya?

This time around I’ll be telling you how to get Fallout: New Vegas working on your linux system, solving some of the issues… and probably creating some more (where I hope you will also help me figure it out). By the way, Fallout 3 is basically the same game engine as New Vegas, so everything here should work for it as well.

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Get Banished working on Linux

sanp-banished-1 Hey there folks, I’ve finally got some time to show how to get this amazing village-building, sand-box strategy game, called Banished, working on Linux through wine( windows binary layer).As a quick start bonus I’ll share a screen cap of the game working with my awesome KDE system as canvas.
And just so you know, the game itself works alright, I’ve had only a few crashes. The only remaining issue is that sound is usually garbled, more info on this below.
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