Kerbal Space Program #0 Introduction

ksp logoSo i wanted to get a series of post, storytelling my voyages through my current game, and maybe share some useful information, lets get to it.
This is the introduction post, I’ll be describing the mods I chose to use, with links to the respective forum pages. This is a pretty good selection of what I thought would enhance the game.

I tried to think of my own name for the space program, came up with KSA ( Kerbal Space Agency), KEA (Kerbal Exploration Agency), KST (Kerbal Star Trekking). Well, none of them seemed better than KSP, so I’ll stick with it. Made my own custom flag too, pretty much similar to what came with the game but worse looking :(, well at least its homemade. (spent 4 hours doing the flag :'( )

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