Why I’ve switched to Linux

Hello Hypothetical readers!
In today’s worldTux of personal computing, Windows 8 taking its share, the new OS X Maverick made free for all Apple users, next generation computers and mobile devices. I’ve decided to go with Linux, specifically the Debian OS.

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Which is better, Mac or PC?

Mac vs PCHey folks, Gfurst here, so which is better? “Mac or PC” is a debate for the eons, and I’m going to delve right into it by saying it’s a completely invalid comparison.
What people continually argue about, is actually which company is better, Microsoft or Apple, which something stupid to start with. It’s not like these companies don’t have the power to defend themselves. Each have strengths and weaknesses, business strategies of their own.
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Get Banished working on Linux

sanp-banished-1 Hey there folks, I’ve finally got some time to show how to get this amazing village-building, sand-box strategy game, called Banished, working on Linux through wine( windows binary layer).As a quick start bonus I’ll share a screen cap of the game working with my awesome KDE system as canvas.
And just so you know, the game itself works alright, I’ve had only a few crashes. The only remaining issue is that sound is usually garbled, more info on this below.
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