Building my new PC

Boxed componentsHello Hypothetical Readers, after quite some time wanting and planning I’ve finally pushed through to buying and completely building my new PC from scratch.
In the following article I’ll describe the parts and my reasoning for choosing then, as well as the actual putting together and setting it up working Linux environment.

On first notes, I’d like to say I’m sorry about not blogging in such a long time. I’ve actually bought this PC about a month ago, it took quite some time to get the issues I’ve found hammered down, plus quite busy with work and of course my girlfriend on the spare time.

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Why I’ve switched to Linux

Hello Hypothetical readers!
In today’s worldTux of personal computing, Windows 8 taking its share, the new OS X Maverick made free for all Apple users, next generation computers and mobile devices. I’ve decided to go with Linux, specifically the Debian OS.

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Which is better, Mac or PC?

Mac vs PCHey folks, Gfurst here, so which is better? “Mac or PC” is a debate for the eons, and I’m going to delve right into it by saying it’s a completely invalid comparison.
What people continually argue about, is actually which company is better, Microsoft or Apple, which something stupid to start with. It’s not like these companies don’t have the power to defend themselves. Each have strengths and weaknesses, business strategies of their own.
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