Hello Hypothetical Reader

minecraft-04-11Hello there hypothetical readers, this is really just a quickie update on my whereabouts.
I’m calling out for my readers out there, hypothetically speaking, I’ve noticed some people subscribing to this blog, on the off chance, people are still finding this blog, even without any kind of quality¬† content (yet).
That’s why from now on, I’ll be calling you “hypothetical readers”.
This is also a shout out for you to get involved, leave some comments, I want to get to know you and know what you think.
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First Post Ever!

Hello Folks so this is my first post, or at least first serious post.

ADD attention def.... what?
ADD attention def…. what?

My reason for trying out blogging for serious is quite simple. I’ve attempted for quite a while, to be creative and to share my ideas around the interwebs, in the forms of videos as an Youtuber. I’ve guess you can call me a failed youtuber, though I think I’ve offered good production value, one important thing I lack is the discipline to get out there and get things done, “I blame it on my ADD”( partly)( attention deficit disorder). Continue reading First Post Ever!