Beautiful timed traffic lights on CSL

Hello Hypothetical Readers. This time I bring to you some of my favorites pass-times while playing Cities Skylines, and that is to watch traffic flow, intersections and to figure out a way to make them better. I’ve created three gifs to showcase intersections I’ve made in my new city, with the help of the Traffic++ and Traffic Manager mods.

The gifs were hard as hell to make, even though was easy to record, editing them properly was a pain in the ass. Next time I’m going to be using webm instead. Beware, the gifs may be a bit heavy to load.

Welcome to Great Lagoon p1: Beaches!

CSL_01-beaches_08Hello Hypothetical readers, long time no writing. Cities Skylines was just released and I couldn’t get my hands off it. It wasn’t for a couple of weeks I’ve first heard about it, on preview video in Sips channel. I got so excited that this must be the first game I’ve brought so quickly after release, I usually can wait a bit till it comes off a discount or maybe a full demo download. But this was just really promising, the city builder all of us gamers have been waiting.

Specially being Paradox and Colossal Order. From Paradox I loved the previous EU and even brought Crusader Kings II with a bunch on expansions, from Colossal Order I’ve also already had both Cities in Motion, which despise not being my favorite games are certainly very fun to play for transport management enthusiasts. They know how to make games for people and showed evil EA a lesson, Maxis is already an story of the past.

So of course wonderful creations are being made and lots + lots of mods already created for the game. And surely here I am wanting to share a lit bit of my creations with you. I proudly present:

Welcome to Great Lagoon
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